Monthly Archives: March 2016

Painting Forms Fundamentals

I’m teaching a course on exploring concept design. This is an example of the first project I am assigning for my students. The first example shows simple volumetric structures with shading and a light source. The second example shows a more complex arrangement of volumetric shapes. Shapes can be overlapped, tapered, extruded, and intersected with one another. Understanding these fundamental examples is key to tackling more complex work.

Luke Cage: Power Man

The tiara was such a big part of Luke Cage (aka Power Man)’s look. I wish he still wore it in the new Power Man and Iron Fist series.

Fatal Kiss

I repurposed a few warm-up sketches (of hands and gals) into a third composition. This adds a new context to an otherwise ordinary image.

Ford Hotrod

Above is a video capture showing how I begin a vehicle illustration. The key is to start with volumetric shapes and keep in mind that all horizontal lines will converge towards vanishing points. Perspective is absolutely important for all artists to study.

Two for One

I created these yesterday. My background layouts are influenced by the talented Maurice Noble and old Warner Bros. cartoons.

The Credible Hulk

I’m in the process of putting Paintstorm Studio through its paces. I dig it a lot so far.