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Spider-Man cover homage

I don’t normally draw Spider-man – not because I hate him as a character or find him uninteresting. No, it’s just all those dang webs that have to be drawn every single time. Drawing Spider-man would be tedious for me. But, I was asked if I could come up with a cover design featuring the web slinger, so I took my best stab at it. My Patreon supporters have access to the uber-high resolution version, including an ultra-rare “Mint Condition” version. You’ll join ’em, right? -Krishna

Art Process: Hellboy and Friends

Artists need to cleanse their palette every now and then. As a fan of Mignola’s use of shape and negative space, I wanted to incorporate those elements in this Hellboy piece. This might be the only time you’ll see Hellboy “cross over” with Luke Cage and Howard the Duck. Pencils: Inks for Hellboy: