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The Purple One

90% of the work on this piece was created on my iPad Pro. My tribute to Prince.

An Ostrich named Wilbur

A quick painting warm-up featuring something I’ve never drawn before. This was painted entirely within the desktop version of Sketchbook Pro.

Process: Captain Insanity

Who doesn’t like drawing Sci-Fi from time to time? Below is a head sketch of a character I’m calling Captain Insanity. Pencils (Sketchbook Pro), using a custom brush I developed. The default Pencil brush in Sketchbook lacks any type of line weight. Inks (Manga Studio 5EX): Inking in Manga Studio is fluid and smooth. Color flats (Photoshop): My muscle memory is tuned to coloring in Photoshop. Maybe one day I’ll investigate colors in Manga Studio… Final!