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Using a reference photo of actress Thandie Newton, I blocked out the form and proportions using digital pencils. I used the digital pencils as a starting point for the painting shown below.

Shameless Lip

Evening painting madness. Currently watching Season 5 of “Shameless” on Netflix and I dig it.

Lee Cherolis Portrait

This is my warm-down sketch for the evening – a portrait of Lee Cherolis – artist of Little Guardians, an epic fantasy story webcomic that’s already on its fifth chapter. Give it a read! -Krishna


With a very late start to the art desk, after a long day at work – the only energy I had left was to finish the sketch of a brunette that I started working on last night.

The Wolfman

Experimenting with more inking and texture techniques, featuring Universal’s horror classic: The Wolfman!

Irving Penn

Creating art is about experimentation, so why not do something a little out of my comfort zone by integrating a royalty free photo as a masked element in the portrait of famed photographer Irving Penn.