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Luke Cage: Power Man

The tiara was such a big part of Luke Cage (aka Power Man)’s look. I wish he still wore it in the new Power Man and Iron Fist series.

The Credible Hulk

I’m in the process of putting Paintstorm Studio through its paces. I dig it a lot so far.

Jessica Jones

Still making my way through the new “Jessica Jones” Netflix series, and really loving it so far. Here’s my illustrated tribute to the show.

Spider-Man cover homage

I don’t normally draw Spider-man – not because I hate him as a character or find him uninteresting. No, it’s just all those dang webs that have to be drawn every single time. Drawing Spider-man would be tedious for me. But, I was asked if I could come up with a cover design featuring the web slinger, so I took my best stab at it. My Patreon supporters have access to the uber-high resolution version, including an ultra-rare “Mint Condition” version. You’ll join ’em, right? -Krishna


I’m still working my way through Netflix’s excellent Daredevil series and felt inspired to put this illustration together.

Doom Calling

Above are the inks for a warm-up sketch featuring the diabolical Dr. Doom. His costume, complete with mask and flowing cloak, have always had a ton of visual appeal for me. Below, more process work: -Krishna

Process: Giant Size PC Weenies

Though I only started reading Marvel comics in the mid ’80’s, I have a special affinity for the Marvel comics from the decade before. As a tribute of sorts, I spoofed the cover design of Giant Size X-Men #1 – which introduced the world to the likes of Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus. Below are the pencils. There were three iterations beforehand that didn’t make the final cut. The pencils were created in a program called Mischief. Next, the inks, created in Manga Studio. The illustration was brought into Photoshop, where it was married with the comic book cover trade […]