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Adam West

Went a bit more experimental this time around. Sometimes coloring outside of the lines is just as fun.


Using a reference photo of actress Thandie Newton, I blocked out the form and proportions using digital pencils. I used the digital pencils as a starting point for the painting shown below.

Shameless Lip

Evening painting madness. Currently watching Season 5 of “Shameless” on Netflix and I dig it.

Electric Hendrix

Hendrix is one of my favorite portrait subjects. Here’s another take on the man with the guitar.

Self Portrait Animal Morph

Process work for a project I assigned for my Concept Design / Advanced Illustration class. I had to go through several unsuccessful drafts during the sketch / planning phase before moving forward with an illustration I felt happy with.

Frankenstein Portrait

A little something I threw together this evening to show my concept design / advanced illustration students. The only brushes I ever use for my painting are the free set from Chris Wahl.

Painting Forms Fundamentals

I’m teaching a course on exploring concept design. This is an example of the first project I am assigning for my students. The first example shows simple volumetric structures with shading and a light source. The second example shows a more complex arrangement of volumetric shapes. Shapes can be overlapped, tapered, extruded, and intersected with one another. Understanding these fundamental examples is key to tackling more complex work.