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Voltron Dredd

The new Voltron series is excellent, so I felt compelled to work up a tribute sketch.

My Favorite Toy

Last year I was approached by writer Jesse Young to illustrate a 4-page comic story based on an idea he had developed. Yesterday, all 4 pages went up and I’m super stoked with how the comic pages turned out. Below are the thumbnails I created for the story, based on Jesse’s script. And here are two pages from the completed four page story. Jesse has worked with several artists in creating fantastic short format comics. His stories cover a broad range of genres and styles, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to […]

ROM vs Dire Wraiths

In anticipation of IDW’s new ROM the Spaceknight series, I created a new illustration featuring ROM and his enemies, the Dire Wraiths.

Process: El Muerto

Imagine that your own comic creation gets turned into a movie. That’s exactly what happened with El Muerto, created by my pal Javier Hernandez. El Muerto, also known as the Aztec Zombie, was debuted on the screen in 2007, and starred Wilmer Valderrama. The film went on to win the Best Feature Film award at the first annual Whittier Film Festival in 2008. Here’s my take on Javier’s character. Sketch: Inks on pencils: Here’s the fills, which I keep on a separate layer under my Inks layer. And, here’s the final, with a splash of red thrown in as an […]