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Bob and the T-Rex

Here’s an analysis of this composition, with notes. Below is the grayscale version to check for highlights, midtones and dark values within the composition.

PC Weenies: Riding the Goldwing

The piece above was drawn as a commission for a long time reader of my online comic, PC Weenies. Drawing motorcycles is a bit of a challenge, particularly the Goldwing model I was asked to draw – but I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m taking on art commissions for a limited time to help fund my new PC build. If you’re interested in a custom illustration piece, please drop me a line. -Krishna

Art: Bob and Baymax

No process work. Just feels. We finally saw Big Hero Six this morning, and I felt compelled to draw Baymax. I mean, how could I not? Here he is, with his hug buddy Bob, from my comic strip PC Weenies. -Krishna