Monthly Archives: August 2015

More Silhouette Studies

References are good to guide your design, but don’t be slave to them. Use them to inform your design, but don’t forget about shapes and proportion.

Lee Cherolis Portrait

This is my warm-down sketch for the evening – a portrait of Lee Cherolis – artist of Little Guardians, an epic fantasy story webcomic that’s already on its fifth chapter. Give it a read! -Krishna

Robot 88

Years ago, I had a site called – where I would attempt to draw a new robot on the site. Later, the site was revamped to focus on artist tools and workflows. Alas, that incarnation of the site is now dormant as well.


With a very late start to the art desk, after a long day at work – the only energy I had left was to finish the sketch of a brunette that I started working on last night.

Trading Card design: Gigangorah

I’ve put this together as a sample for a project demo for my Concept Design class. The students will be taking their character design and incorporating it into a trading card. The trading card will be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper.

Client work: A Kind Lawyer web design

I wear many hats as a designer. Recently I completed a site revamp for a local client of mine, using WordPress and integrating / tweaking a custom third party theme. Below are the Before and After views of the site. The site is now live, and here’s a screenshot of how it looks now.