Monthly Archives: July 2015

Rusty Punchbuggy

I found a VW Beetle with a jet engine attached on its back, and immediately knew I had to capture it on paper. -Krishna


I finished up this piece to use as part of a coloring demo for my Concept Design course tomorrow afternoon. I started with flat colors, then worked in highlights / shadows, after which I applied a few subtle textures. I find it best to treat coloring in stages; it helps to work with a limited color palette too. -Krishna

Silhouettes to Volumetric Shapes

Just a sampling of visual notes I plan to share with my Concept Design class later today. For more on volumetric forms, check out a video I created on how to draw arms and legs using tapered cylinders. You may also want to watch the video I made on combining volumetric shapes.

Walking Wizard

More color experimentation continues, with a wizard convention goer. Draw every day!

The Wolfman

Experimenting with more inking and texture techniques, featuring Universal’s horror classic: The Wolfman!

ROM Spaceknight and Acroyear from the Micronauts

It looks like two popular but defunct toy-inspired comics (ROM, Spaceknight and the Micronauts) will be making a comeback to comics in 2016. This is exciting – and I hope that the new comics live up to my ridiculously high expectations. With the image above, I was hoping to capture the faded and yellowed look of a comic book illustration from the time period. Halftone dots were added, as were subtle color registration “errors” to give the piece a more authentic look. -Krishna

Sketchin’ Ladies

Sketching some female head studies, using references found on Pinterest. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Robots, Astronauts and Vehicle Sketches

The importance of daily sketching can’t be understated. How can one improve without practice? I earmark a small chunk of time every day to creating sketches. I utilize references from sites like Pinterest when drawing. Draw outside your comfort zone. By that, I mean: draw things you usually don’t draw. Break down objects into volumetric shapes. Work on line confidence. Through daily study and rigor, you will see improvement over time. -Krishna

A Self Portrait

Another warm-up featuring a “selfie” (oh how I hate that term), experimenting with another customized Manga Studio brush.

Punk Rocker

I experimented a bit with a new custom “marker” brush in Manga Studio, using the base G-pen settings as a starting point. -Krishna