Monthly Archives: June 2015

Spider-Man cover homage

I don’t normally draw Spider-man – not because I hate him as a character or find him uninteresting. No, it’s just all those dang webs that have to be drawn every single time. Drawing Spider-man would be tedious for me. But, I was asked if I could come up with a cover design featuring the web slinger, so I took my best stab at it. My Patreon supporters have access to the uber-high resolution version, including an ultra-rare “Mint Condition” version. You’ll join ’em, right? -Krishna

Jurassic Park meta

I drew this one based on a sketch request from an Instagram follower. The great thing about this exercise is that I have to draw outside of my comfort zone. -Krishna

Head Lopper tribute

My little tribute to Andrew MacLean’s fantastic Head Lopper character. Look out for a new Head Lopper mini series from Image soon.

Jim Guevara Morrison

Before I knew who Che Guevara was, I always assumed the image was a picture of Jim Morrison, of the Doors.


I made several avatars as a free promotion to raise funds for my new PC build. These took me about an hour each, using photo reference.

Mazinger Z aka Tranzor Z

Tranzor Z, Voltron, and the Transformers were all the rage for me as a kid. What made Tranzor Z so compelling were several factors: his rocket punch, his terrifying rogue’s gallery, a robot named Aphrodite with missiles that shot out of her bosom, and of course, the theme song. Notably, this show featured the actual deaths of the villains in the last episode. Or at least that’s what my memory recalls. Someone on the Internet stumbling upon this will no doubt correct me on the matter. Anyway, here’s my tribute to a show I enjoyed as a kid. “Rocket punch!”

Creepy Corridor

Well, sometimes I don’t use process work. There is something to be said for the occasional free-form illustration process. This particular piece was created using Photoshop and a mouse. I used shapes to create the design, switching between the polygonal lasso and regular lasso tool. -Krishna

Vintage Gas Can

Simple subjects make for exciting explorations. Take this ordinary gas can. It has a certain character thanks to its weathered patina. For this particular illustration, I opted to focus on using shapes and textures to define the form and as well as establish a mood.

A Tribute to Enter the Dragon

Following up on my Jim Kelly tribute, I decided to illustrate John Saxon and Bruce Lee. Placing the three heroes in a triptych piece seemed like a natural thing to do. -Krishna

A Few Cars

I can’t get tired of drawing cars. Here are a few I drew this afternoon.

Image Manipulation in Designing a Movie Poster

When I assign projects to my students, I usually prepare an example to show them. This quarter I’m teaching Image Manipulation, a class focused on learning some Photoshop basics. Throughout the process, I want my students to not only use the program, but to learn valuable design skills as well. One of the requirements in this course is for students to show their process work. This means showing research, synthesis, analysis, pre-production sketches before proceeding to the final design. These are all important components and careful thought needs to be made before investing time working on a project. By planning […]