Monthly Archives: May 2015

PC Weenies: Riding the Goldwing

The piece above was drawn as a commission for a long time reader of my online comic, PC Weenies. Drawing motorcycles is a bit of a challenge, particularly the Goldwing model I was asked to draw – but I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m taking on art commissions for a limited time to help fund my new PC build. If you’re interested in a custom illustration piece, please drop me a line. -Krishna

Ratrod Rex

This piece is heavily inspired by my interest in YouTube shows like Roadkill (with HOT ROD’s David Freiberger and Mike Finnegan) and the latest MadMax film, with a side of Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure. Pencils: Inks: Colors:

Venger and Skeletor

Took a break and participated in today’s Sketch Dailies art challenge. The subject? Venger, from the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon, Dungeons and Dragons. -Krishna

Process: Mad Max Goon

I still have the Mad Max movie on my brain. After a much needed time to recharge and catch up on all things (including sleep), I wanted to try my hand at one of the many goons featured in the recent Mad Max film. Pencils, Inks and Tones were created using a mix of Manga Studio and Photoshop. Enjoy! Of course, how you present your work is just as important as your work itself (at least it does, in my humble opinion). Below I’ve documented my process work, neatly labeling the parts of the process as well as employing visual […]

Mad Max Fury Road Tribute

Mad Max: Fury Road was an incredible film, full of amazing visuals and kinetic chase sequences. This is my little tribute to the film.

Retro Modern Apple Magazine Ad Project

Given the popularity of shows like Mad Men, I wanted to create a project for my introductory Photoshop class that would combine modern technology advertised with retro sensibilities. Above is my first take, using 1986 Apple advertisements as my direct inspiration. And I decided to go even more retro with this iPad ad: -Krishna

Muscle Car Sketches

More vehicle sketches, featuring an odd selection of muscle cars. Can you identify them all? -Krishna

Character Bio Sheet

This is a simple demo I’ve put together for my Short Format Storytelling class. The students have to make a character bio sheet that highlights the essentials of who the character is. The adage “Show, Don’t Tell.” holds true, particularly if you are planning to use a character for a pitch. Try to get to the core of the character without burying the audience with information overload. -Krishna

Usagi Yojimbo tribute

Another warm-down sketch this evening, featuring Stan Sakai’s famous rabbit samurai: Usagi Yojimbo! -Krishna

Working with Clipping Masks in Photoshop

Clipping Masks are pretty powerful when used with shapes or type. Essentially, it allows the type or text to serve as a mask, permitting the images to appear only within the type or created shape. tFor this to work well, I recommend using a thick typeface (I’m using the type “Phosphate Solid” for the example above) to make it easier to see the images that will reside inside. After typing some text in, bring in your images as separate layers into the file you are working on. It’s important to stack your images ABOVE the type layer for this technique […]

The Love Machine

Back in the 1970’s, vans had credibility. Then mini-vans came along and destroyed the mystique. Here’s my take on the glorious muscle-van of a bygone era. -Krishna

More Hand Studies

How do you practice? How do you improve? For me it boils down to one simple action: Go back to the fundamentals.

Gizmoduck and Inspector Gadget

A team-up between Inspector Gadget and Gizmoduck always struck me as being a natural fit. It’ll never happen, of course, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. -Krishna

The Grim Peeper

I drew this based off of a sketch request that came through on Twitter. The topic: “The Grim Peeper”. -Krishna

Art Process: Peter Porker

Today I turned my attention towards Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, channeling a little Skottie Young vibe. It was neat to dabble in this style. I feel that there’s always something new to learn when studying another artist’s technique.