Monthly Archives: April 2015

Irving Penn

Creating art is about experimentation, so why not do something a little out of my comfort zone by integrating a royalty free photo as a masked element in the portrait of famed photographer Irving Penn.

Process Work: Extreme Sports Magazine Cover

This quarter I’m teaching an introductory Photoshop course. The second assignment for the class is to create a cover layout for an extreme sports magazine. As with everything, I like to start by researching the competition first. After amassing a collection of magazine covers, my next task was to sketch the basic layout. Sketching is such a crucial component to design, yet many novice designers try to skip it. Sketching allows me to focus purely on layout, without the distractive element of color or type. At this stage, I can get a sense of the basic composition. The sketch was […]

Five Ghosts tribute

How much do I enjoy reading Five Ghosts? Enough to create two pieces of art as a tribute. I drew the one below tonight. And here’s the one I created last year. It would be a dream come true for me to design a cover for this book. I’m putting this dream out to the Universe in the hopes that it can come true someday. -Krishna


Rough pencils and final, for a classic muscle car – the Pontiac Firebird!

Girl Power!

Warm-up sketch for the morning, with a focus on using a limited color palette and using type as a design element. And here’s the rough sketch for comparison purposes: -Krishna


I’m still working my way through Netflix’s excellent Daredevil series and felt inspired to put this illustration together.

Video: Combining Volumetric Shapes

In this video, I discuss different methods to combine volumetric shapes. Topics include intersection of shapes, tapering shapes and overlapping shapes. The concept of extrusion based on a closed shape is also demonstrated. Let me know if you have any questions, or have ideas or suggestions for upcoming video tuts. Thanks! -Krishna

Art Process: Sith Lords

I took a few hours to work on something for myself and I thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of it. My compulsion to draw an unmasked version of Darth Vader is now complete. Pencils: Final: -Krishna

Art Process: Jimi Hendrix Gig Poster

It’s always a good idea to never settle for your first design. Below is my first attempt at a Hendrix poster – created for a client who commissioned the piece. The first take wasn’t bad, but it was just an exploration. I started working on it late last night and decided it would be best to sleep on the idea. Below is a totally different take that I created this morning. Obviously, sleeping on the idea created a much more interesting concept. Many student designers stop at their first attempt. Resist that temptation and train your brain to come up […]

Art Process: Rage Skates

One of my goals as artist is to work on high octane, adrenaline fueled designs that get people’s attention. The old adage is make the work you want people to hire you for. Here’s an illustration in that vein. Pencils with Inks overlay: Final illustration: Come on universe. Help me make it happen.