Process: VW “Punchbuggy”

Modern vehicles may have all the tech, but the cars of old have a certain distinct look that makes them beautiful in my eyes. (They don’t make cars like they used to.)

For as long as I can remember, I have always dug the Volkswagen Beetle. Maybe because its shape is so friendly. Or that I saw “Herbie the Love Bug” movie as a kid. In any event, Volkswagen Beetle die-cast cars were among my top picks. I was a Matchbox kid all the way, but in later years warmed up to the flashy Hot Wheels cars.

Here’s my attempt at drawing a beefed up VW bug with some mondo tires. Digitally sketched all the way, using Mischief for pencils, Manga Studio for inks and Photoshop for colors. I don’t mind that I have to switch between all three tools. Each have their own strengths. Why not use them all?




Of course, there has to be some package art to accompany the illustration, right?