Process: Er’mli Rough Pencils

Working from the silhouettes I developed last week, I expanded upon a few of them to arrive at the rough pencil drawings you see below.

The description of forest shrines led me towards looking at robes of the Far East for the character’s outfit. Er’mli is stated to be a God, donned in formal attire, so the long flowing robe makes a good fit, I think.

My research of Mu (referenced as Er’mli’s father in the text description of the character) led me to incorporate the Chinese symbol of “Mu” into the character’s robe.

In each of the designs, I experimented with the hair of the character. I wanted to give Er’mli’s hair some flow, almost aqueous in its look. I’ve kept the character’s broad shoulders but elongated the legs to give the character a more regal and powerful look.





Next, I’ll post some head studies.