Process: Wooden Truck

One of the first assignments in my Character and Object Design course is the Wooden Vehicle Project. The purpose of this project is to give the students the opportunity to visualize and draw objects as three dimensional structures. Using a wooden vehicle of their choice, students work from a 3/4 front or 3/4 back view of their reference photo. The goal of this exercise isn’t to copy the photo – but to use it as a guide for establishing proportions. Students are asked to show their process work from beginning to end.

Often times, when time allows, I like to participate in the projects that I assign for my classes. Below is my entry featuring a wooden truck.

First up, rough pencils – these are pretty loose but get the job done in terms of matching proportions and perspective.


Next, I tighten the lines up by adding inks.


Finally, some color and shadows. Here, I have to keep in mind where the light source is coming from and insure that the shading stays consistent throughout the illustration.