Art Process: Mermaid

In my view, drawing outside of your comfort zone is not only a good way to challenge yourself, it’s also a necessary component for growth as an artist. Face it, there may be subjects you’re less than thrilled to draw – but being a professional in this field means we have to put aside our own biases and look at the task at hand as another opportunity to creatively problem solve.

I’ve never drawn a mermaid before last night but that didn’t stop me from giving it my best go at it. Below are the rough pencils.


In comparing the pencils with the final version, I felt the composition was missing a clear foreground element. I added the cave as a framing device for that purpose. The little crustacean on the lower left was added to reinforce the focal point of the composition (the mermaid). The little things matter.

Tackle your work with the same gusto and vigor.