Pardon the dust and construction, but the website you are currently visiting has been retooled from the ground up as a shiny new WordPress install – and I’m still “moving in”.

You may recall that once upon a time my portfolio site was built out of WordPress. I abandoned it for a custom self-built HTML/CSS site (shown below):


While the custom HTML/CSS version of the site was relatively easy to maintain, it suffered from two major flaws:

  1. It lacked a process blogging component to keep the site fresh.
  2. It was not a responsive-ready design.

The new site has been built with WordPress using the LENS theme (purchased from Themeforest).

I kept the old WordPress install, but gutted the database (using the handy WordPress Database Reset plugin). After a few internal WordPress updates, the new theme was installed. The whole process took under an hour. I’m definitely impressed with how far WordPress installs have come in the past few years. This one was really, really easy.

Building a new site has its fair share of bumps and wrinkles as things start to settle in, so if you spot anything awry or amiss, please let me know.