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Bob and the T-Rex

Here’s an analysis of this composition, with notes. Below is the grayscale version to check for highlights, midtones and dark values within the composition.

Venice Facade

I was long overdue to create another background layout. Here’s a piece inspired by my trip to Italy last year.

Shameless Lip

Evening painting madness. Currently watching Season 5 of “Shameless” on Netflix and I dig it.

Dr. Loveless

After watching a few episodes of the fantastic television series, “The Wild, Wild West”, I felt compelled to render James West’s arch nemesis.

Electric Hendrix

Hendrix is one of my favorite portrait subjects. Here’s another take on the man with the guitar.

Toy Packaging Design

What follows is an example of a toy packaging design I created for my Character and Object Design course. Below are the aged and “Mint” versions.

Voltron Dredd

The new Voltron series is excellent, so I felt compelled to work up a tribute sketch.

Cave Tracks

This piece was created as a demo for a student in my concept design class. In this demo, I discussed the importance of composition, layout, color and narrative. -Krishna


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